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  • Invite Membership

    Free for ever membership with fantastic privileges
    Free Plan
    • Membership certificate Send by Email!
    • 38 X OHS act training courses for 4 staff members
    • Invite, Golf days, Breakfast sessions and Prestige evenings
    • E-Certificates of origin and Letters of authenticity
  • M1 Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for the self efficient member
    • Everything in Free Membership
    • Website and email hosting
    • PAIA & OHS Manuals
    • Google analytics report
    • Monthly A4 Ads in Chamber bulletin
    • PAIA & POPI Manuals registered
    • Chamber Bulletin Add & update annually
    • 10% Discount on IBM product packages
  • M2 Membership

    Every month
    Enhancing Website performance and reports.
    • Everything in Free & M1 Membership
    • R240k credit facility for Internet & social media marketing
    • 25% Discount on IBM product packages
  • M3 Membership

    1 500R
    Every month
    Specialised services with specific needs
    • Everything in Free Membership & M1
    • R240K Credit facility for digital and social media marketing
    • Full IBM Methodology implementation with bi-monthly reports
    • Achieving maximum organic ranking in 3 months
    • 30% Discount on IBM product packages
  • Platinum Membership

    4 500R
    Replace your Internal Internet Marketing team
    • Everything In Free & M1 membership
    • R350K credit facility for Internet & Social media marketing
    • 40% Discount on all IBM Product packages
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Ercoc Summary Price list

The Principle of
Across-Membership Subsidy

This unique idea, only available from ERCOC, is based on the principle of empowering young entrepreneurs, regardless of colour, to enhance their Profit margins by providing them with unused services and product discounts bought and paid for by our Corporate ERCOC members. 

Meaning that one unused Platinum membership can provide 13.5 M1 members

with the privileges of an M2 membership. Providing 26 employment opportunities on average 





To receive or Offer a Cross-Member Digital Marketing subsidy, please contact us.



This is a list of essential services on Offer from ERCOC. Services that may be used internally in your company or services that may be donated in percentages according to your donation

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