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What happens to the white workforce eradicated from the workplace due to BBBEE? 

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Due to the unjust and racist BBBEE policies of the South African Government, ERCOC has piloted the following project


The membership of ERCOC basically consists of 3 types of members: -

1. Self-sufficient B2B unlisted Corporate Companies with internal Marketing, OHS, and HR departments 

2. Established SMEs concentrating on sales with limited HR and Marketing Facilities who outsource their OHS requirements.

3. Startups, small, husband and wife enterprises forced to venture out on their own, due to lack of employment opportunities caused by BBBEE, affirmative action and state capture fraud

Hence the majority of ERCOC The East Rand Chamber, not believing in "Membership fees without receiving value" now introduce "The member Cross-subsidy drive"

Happy Chamber members

The more affluent Chamber-members are reaching out and assisting their smaller enterprise members with unused ERCOC services. Now that the minister of finance has announced the new BBBEE requirements on state purchases it seems that BBBEE is coming to an end.

The Member

Cross-subsidy drive


Our Goal

To neutralise the negative effect of affirmative action and BBBEE on the workforce with a cost-effective method of eating the proverbial elephant one spoon at a time.

The effects of AA and BBBEE

Q. How does Putin create a market for his ammunition factory?

A. He starts a war.

Result: He enriches himself but in the process, he kills millions of people.

Is this not the same effect affirmative action and BBBEE had on South Africa?

The Daily Maverick, the well-known news publication, estimated that state capture cost the country roughly R 1. 5 trillion (roughly US$ 100 billion) in the four years preceding 2019, the ongoing cost of the after-effects is yet to be calculated but the SARB economist David Fowkes published that it is likely to have reduced GDP by as much as 4% per annum.
The result on the infrastructure of the two countries, Ukraine and South Africa are the same, the national energy supplier Eskom is collapsing, water supplies must be rationed but the dams are full, and the treasury in the Overview of their financial report published the following

 “Well-governed and financially sustainable public entities play a vital role in national development.  In recent years, however, the combined results of financial mismanagement and corruption have led to a severe deterioration in the financial position of all public entities, leaving them unable to deliver on their mandates. A growing number have required state guarantees or bailouts to remain afloat – straining national budgets, draining resources that could be spent on social and economic needs, and setting back economic recovery”  


Ercoc in an attempt to assist the AA and BBBEE-affected workers are calling on their existing and future corporate members to donate their unused services, which form part of their membership privileges to, not only up-and-coming entrepreneurs but also those who are in need of professional PR and digital marketing services so that they can compete more favourable with their privileged opposition.

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