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OHS Safes Lives and increase productivity 

safety wallet for OHS training
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The software and platform provided, offer learners a unique experience, in both online Health and Safety training and development.

As an added benefit, an optional audio link is featured on the content, which can be used to provide an audio version of the health and safety content, which is read to the learner.

This provides the learner with a powerful advantage of speaker narration and helps with the pronunciation of words and phrases as the content is read back to the learner.

The sound audio and text read content do not compete but compliments one another as learners have the benefit of receiving health and safety training through both audio and visual modes. This, in addition, greatly aids in the retention of information.

It also adds to the learning experience and provides a more vibrant health and safety learning environment which is enriched and takes away from the monotony that conventional learning tends to have.

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