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Are You Getting the Most out of Your Chamber of Commerce membership?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

So you decided a year ago to join your local Chamber of Commerce, you paid your annual fee in advance, and you were invited to attend a few networking sessions during the year which you could not attend, but now that your membership fee is due again you find yourself wondering if it was worth it.

Belonging to any voluntary association should be a choice of benefits and or leisure interest received and contributions or membership fees should heal a return on investment in either relaxing you more so that you may become more productive or exposing their members to opportunities of amalgamated savings.

How then can you benefit from belonging to a Chamber whose main function is to only allow networking amongst members?

The answer is you only benefit for a short while until you have met your local fellow businessmen within your community. Unless you belong to a service providing Chamber like the East Rand Chamber of Commerce which can offer real assistance in;

1. Righting your business plan complete with budgets and Chamber report based on your profile. This report is all about what the Chamber of commerce reports on your business and not what you say in your company profile.

2. Real assistance in establishing a subsidised and affordable inbound marketing department complete with designing, hosting and maintaining a very professional website.

3. Whilst assisting you in becoming more profitable they ensure that you also receive real guidance and expert advice in becoming and remaining legally compliant in;

a. Occupational health and safety Training and writing of your OHS manual.

b. BBBEE Consulting and verification.

c. Labour relations and consulting as well as expert representation at the CCMA and organised labour Unions.

d. Ensuring proper creditors control in assisting you with debt collection through effective judgment by an arbitration process at the East Rand Commercial Arbitration Board.

e. Writing and registering your Promotion of Access to Information manual (PAIA) at the commissioner of human rights.

4. Should you require an electronic certificate of origin you just phone and one will be done immediately.

5. As your business expands and grows you would need trained staff to fill the vacancies created by your astute business management, and again the Chamber Academy can train your personnel online in as many as 700+ subjects conveniently on your premises without unnecessary time loss.

It stands to reason that a professional and modern Chamber such as the East Rand Chamber of Commerce and Industry will advertise your business in their monthly bulletin which is full of economic and business news and articles free of charge.

For pricing of all these valued services please visit our website

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